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We at KANSEI company are a company dedicated to managing pipelines to ensure the proper functioning of sewage systems. Moving forward, we will continue to protect the lives of people living in Japan through our business activities and provide services from the perspective of water infrastructure users.

What we do

Maintenance and operation management,
and consultation of public and private sector sewer pipes

KANSEI’s Business


Based on comprehensive management of pipeline facilities, we leverage cutting-edge technology and extensive experience to achieve the delivery of a ‘sustainable sewerage.

  • management of public sewer pipes
  • preventive maintenance-based pipeline management
  • Public Private Partnership


We provide comprehensive support for the sanitary environment of drainage facilities inside buildings closely related to daily life, such as factories, commercial facilities, buildings, and residential complexes.


To facilitate smooth railway operations, we provide services such as cleaning, inspection, and repairs for railways, including JR, private railways, Tokyo Metro, and civil engineering railways.


Trade name KANSEI Company
Establishment 4th October 1962
Head Office 1-7-3, Kami-yoga, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Administration Office Komazawa Nakamura Building 7th Floor7F 1-16-7, Komazawa Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Business Total maintenance and management of public sewer and drainage facility
Clients/Customer [Public] Local Government Sewer O&M office, General contractor, and more
[Private] East Japan Railway Company, Tokyo Metro, Each building managers,Hotels, apartments, universuties, industrial factories, and more

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